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About Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)


Over 1000+ new Internet extensions are expected be released starting from Q4 2013, at a forecasted rate of 85 launches per month. To help brand owners protect their brands and their intellectual property rights, ICANN has designed a single, worldwide database of authenticated trademarks called “Trademark Clearinghouse” (TMCH).

Why participate in the Trademark Clearinghouse ?

To participate in any Sunrise phase, your trademarks must be authenticated and recorded with the Trademark Clearinghouse. Furthermore, recording your trademark will allow you to be instantly notified when a 3rd party registers a domain matching your trademark. In short, the TMCH will provide the following core functionalities :

Priority right to domains : every new gTLD Registry is contractually bound to grant trademark owners a priority right. However only trademarks recorded with the TMCH will make you eligible to domain registrations on a priority basis.

New gTLD Notification : whenever a new gTLD is scheduled, you will be given prior notice to the commencement of the priority period (so-called “Sunrise “) and the applicable requirements. Trademark Claims Service : during and for (at least) 90 days after the opening to the general public, owner of trademarks recorded with the TMCH will be notified when a third party registers a domain matching their trademark.

Trademark Clearinghouse Details

- “The Clearinghouse will accept, authenticate, and verify any registered trademarks, marks protected by statue, treaty, or court validated marks as well as any other marks that constitute Intellectual Property (IP) rights in accordance with the registry’s policies.”
  • Once recorded in the TMCH, all trademarks are included in the claims service and pre-notification. Provision of acceptable proof of use will allow participation during Sunrise.

eBrand Services

  • As the largest registrar for TMCH in Benelux and 6th largest world-wide (Sep 2013) your trademarks are assured the competence and experience they deserve.
  • Our IP specialists will submit or assist with your application resulting in our 100% success rate of verified Trademarks (vs. the 50% success rate of first time registrants).
  • Management of “sunrise codes” for future domain registrations.
  • Flexible payment integrated in the eBrand Services billing process
  • eBrand Services will serve as your agent, coordinate your requirements with future launches according to your domain strategy, consult on claims notifications, and ensure renewals of trademarks in the Clearinghouse.
  • Real time status overview (exportable) on submissions, updates and renewals using our proprietary Processing Platform for the Trademark Clearinghouse.
  • Trademark Clearinghouse Service Info EN Download