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TMCH Genius


eBrand Services, the corporate brand specialist has taken on the one-step-solution devised by ICANN and is bringing it to the next level. The Trademark Clearing House is an unprecedented protection tool for intellectual property right owners against online infringement. However its design to attempt to accommodate the broadest number has resulted in the creation of a product that is unfit for the management of substantial Trademark portfolios.

Drawing on its experience in online brand protection and corporate domain name management, eBrand Services experts have taken all functionalities of the ICANN TMCH to reassemble and merge them along with exclusive additional tools into an empowering platform for intellectual property professionals.

About the ICANN TMCH

On the eve of the launch of 1000+ new Internet extensions (gTLDs) for public registration, it is of the utmost importance for brand owners to protect their most valuable assets. Fully aware that this tremendous change of the Internet landscape would create a high risk for brand owners, ICANN has included several rights protection mechanisms in the new gTLDs program.

The most preeminent being the so-called Trade Mark Clearinghouse (TMCH), which designates a central repository of authenticated registered trademarks aiming at helping brand owners to protect their prior registered rights.

Similarly to trademark registration processes, brand owners will be able to submit their registered and authenticated marks in the TMCH themselves. None the less, this process will require a certain degree of expertise in Intellectual Property Law and regulations. Without such expertise this operation will rapidly turn into a time consuming and expensive effort. For this reason, we believe at eBrand Services, that brand owners will (and should) task their intellectual property counsels with the registrations of their trademarks in the TMCH. For future TMCH agents eBrand Services has devised a dedicated platform baptized TMCH Genius.

About the TMCH Genius

Based on the now proven Platform As a Service model, eBrand Services will grant selected partners a license to use its innovative TMCH Genius platform. The TMCH Genius has been devised by Intellectual Property professionals for Intellectual Property professionals, and as such it presents a long list of benefits over not only the ICANN TMCH, but also over any competing offer.

No risk approach

No up-front or fixed fees like set-up costs or maintenance costs. No installment on expensive hardware needed (cloud based). No pre-payment of 15.000 USD (which will be done by eBrand Services). The license agreement will be based on fees per trademark i.e. the agent only pays for what he actually sells

Continuous high rebates

eBrand Services will function as agent and consolidate various big players in one agent account thus significantly increasing the possibility to earn high rebates. In other words : The ICANN TMCH offers volume price discounts solely on a per agent basis. The TMCH Genius will draw on a collective buying model, thus allowing every user to benefit from rebates.


Designed as a white-label service, TMCH Genius users will be able to apply their own brand and identity to the platform.


The TMCH Genius offers an intelligent view presenting all relevant information for the management and review of clients’ portfolios at a glance.

Import functionality

Most software used by intellectual property firms to manage their client’s portfolios includes data export functionality. To benefit from this, the TMCH Genius incorporates a tool that allows for the uploading of pre-existing portfolio database.

Offline editing

This primordial function lacking on the ICANN TMCH, will enable eBrand Services partners to save Trademark submissions no matter their completeness for a later filling.

Management tools

The TMCH Genius includes several layers of management allowing its users to manage each trademark portfolio on a per client, per portfolio and per trademark basis.


The TMCH Genius incorporates reporting functionalities that allows extracting any and all data registered under a user account, thus allowing for an external use such as an injection in a billing software, the creation of reports for brand owners…

Instant notification

Thanks to its direct connection to the ICANN TMCH, eBrand Services platform can notify its users instantly when their action is required on a trademark submission.


Designed as a full-fledged platform, the TMCH Genius will also carry on ICANN TMCH claim notice to the relevant users when a potential infringing domain name registration occurs. Hence it reduces the need to manage information across multiple systems.

Guaranteed availability

The TMCH Genius is a fully transparent application available on a 24/7 basis that allows its users to manage and submit trademark registration all-around the clock.


The TMCH Genius exceeds ICANN technical specifications.


Developed by a team of security experts, the TMCH Genius features security mechanisms to protect its users against unwanted access by third parties.


The TMCH Genius is connected directly to the ICANN TMCH, there is no intermediary between its users and the centralized repository. For additional information on the ICANN Trade Mark Clearinghouse and the new gTLD program, you may refer to eBrand Services competence center www.newgtldtool.com or contact one of our specialists at : newgtlds@ebrandservices.com