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If you don’t know your goal, how are you going to get there ? 

We believe in carrying out actions that are in line with a well defined Strategy. Actually we are probably the one Domain Company that advice clients to actually delete or sell Domains.

Most companies are busy with the most important thing : “Developing their Business” – doing this, most managers needs external help asking the right questions and analysing the existing and new potential markets.

Defining strategies on behalf of innovative companies with well know brands, is often a question of looking years ahead, and reflecting on global developments. We might advice companies to minimize their portfolio and centralize all their potential power on a handful of Domains. Depending on the structure of Brands and frequently a multitude of sales channels, some Clients might need to clean up the “go to market” plan.

Regardless of the starting situation of a company or a Brand, there is always a way forward. The importance is to know your direction.

  • Domain Name Management
    In the not too distant past, a company just starting up would go through the process of creating a name and registering a trademark to launch and market its business enterprise. Acquiring an internet address came next, though often as an afterthought. The company would (...) suite
  • Basic terms of the New gTLDs
    What is a domain name ? On Internet, like on any other network, computers communicate by using numerical labels called “IP Addresses”. This website, for example, is reachable by inputting the IP address in an Internet browser. However, as effective this means of (...) suite
  • Marketing
    Don Sull, Professor of Management Practices in Strategic and International Management at the London School of Business, believes the current economic recession actually affords businesses an unexpected opportunity. Sull calls it “creating resources” that play off the (...) suite