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Let Us Help You Push Your Brand Presence 

The Domain Name System world-wide is about to change the way the world pushes its brand presence. No longer will businesses be restricted to the glutted world of .com or .net. On the horizon are the limitless possibilities of new dot-generic and dot-brand top-level domains (TLD) specific to your business : www.bank ; www.money ; and, even www.mybrand.
Along with this opportunity come new and complex ICANN application and management issues for owning and operating a TLD.

What Are the Benefits ?

The market perspective - reaching the consumer

Secure Reach The certification provided in the dot-brand name itself (.Sony or .walmart) provides valuable information to consumers and more secure financial transactions over the Internet

International Reach With the new International Domain Names the URL (e.g., http://www.google.com) can be presented in the language of the region. Your clients find and access your site in their own language and script (non Latin-based script for instance).

Targeted Reach New dot-brand and dot-generic TLDs will serve high targeted markets, such as the customers and suppliers of a firm while others have the potential of targeting a variety of businesses in a geographic area.

The customer perspective - reaching the product

Facilitates consumers’ Internet navigation and search by more rapidly directly them to websites with the desired content (dot-volvo).

Facilitates the consumer’s ability access your website in their own language for a global presence

We start with a feasibility study.

Together with the worlds leading experts on Domain Name law and ICANN rules, eBrand Services offers a complete solution from application to the day to day running of your own Top level Domain.