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Two ways to recover a domain name 

Most companies try to register their brands in all important markets. The global marketplace is on the fast track though. Monitoring your domain in another country is difficult. In fact, the opportunity to take over your domain name in another country is a very real possibility.

Usually there are two ways to reclaim a Domain Name from a third party.

LEGAL ACTION : Most Domain Name disputes are resolved by a UDRP ruling. The UDRP has established international standards and appropriate ways to rightfully reclaim domains. Evidence necessary to win your case might be the history of your company, trademark rights or even awareness/popularity of your brand. Legal proceedings to recover a domain should be handled by lawyers with dispute resolution knowledge and experience. eBrand Services provides internal and external legal expertise to our clients.

BUYING BACK : If the means of legal action are too unsecure or potentially expensive, there is the possible option of buying back domains. However, this is a very delicate business. It is easy to lose control of the negotiations unless you are an experienced domain trading negotiator. By the way, eBrand Services makes sure no money changes hands until the purchased domain is safely transferred to your account via our secure interface.

Added Value : eBrand Services will provide an assessment of the situation to let you know which of the two ways to recover a domain is in your best interest.

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