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Portfolio Management

We work to give you ONE 

Managing a domain name portfolio is often an overwhelming and complex task. The difficulty is based on several factors : number of years your business has been in operation ; people involved historically and the company expansion over time. It is like the American baseball game. The team up to bat has to know who is on all bases at all times to score a homerun. With brand presence growth, effectively managing domain name portfolios or knowing who is on first and who is on second base is not easy.

Without the right tools, portfolio management can be very costly and time consuming. How many invoices do you receive a year ? How many interfaces do you need to access in order to change the settings of your domains ? How many different prices do you have per domain ?

At eBrandServices, we specialise in transferring portfolios from external providers and cleaning the owner details to form a coherent and organised portfolio. Transferring thousands of domains every week means we have extensive knowledge and experience in preparing and administrating volumes of transfer-related paperwork for our clients.

Added Value : Upon request, eBrand Services will register your brands worldwide in the countries where there is a market for your business and where you need a brand presence. Registering DNs in some countries can be very difficult. You may hit roadblocks that are discouraging. Our international team of experts has the ability to persist in securing for you virtually all global domain extensions.

Make it simple. eBrand Services gives you ONE.

  • ONE supplier
  • ONE online management system
  • ONE price per domain (registration/transfer/renewal)
  • ONE year registration period on all domains
  • ONE invoice a year

When you centralise portfolio management through a single provider, you save time and truly gain control over every aspect of your portfolio. You know who is on all the bases at all times.

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