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eBrand Services Advantage

Rigorous domain name management for optimal brand protection 

eBrand Services provides rigorous Domain Name (DN) management at three levels :

  • administrative
  • technical
  • strategic

Most businesses simply do not have the broad-reaching experience or adequate human resources for continuous, rigorous monitoring necessary to truly protect their brand presence on the Internet. Worse, some businesses are completely unaware of the risks—until it is too late.

eBrand Services has the knowledge, the expertise and the cutting-edge technology necessary to effectively manage your Domain Name (DN) portfolio and optimize your brand assets. Our approach is unique. We provide personalized and customized services to protect your intangible property.

EXPERTISE - A dedicated team of experts at eBrand Services will ease the burden of DN portfolio management at all levels : administrative, technical and strategic.

CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY - eBrand Services has developed proprietary technologies and platforms to audit, centralize and monitor Domain Names. These technologies are customizable to meet the needs of your decision-makers and your technical requirements.

COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES - You can count on a comprehensive suite of services necessary to prevent brand devaluation and security compromises. We will renew and recover your domain names.

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