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Getting Started

Five Possible Starting Points with eBrand Services 

Before you start, consider these questions : How effective is my brand today ? Who are my present and future competitors ? What are my present and future risks ? Are my brand management procedures relevant to today’s threats ?

If you have not already done so, we strongly recommend a frank review of your brand strategy benchmarked against its viability and relevance in today’s cyber marketplace.

Viability - Assess the viability of your brand in the global marketplace. eBrand Services can thoroughly research and analyze viability of your brand and make future projections.

Relevance - Assess your brand within the context of ever-changing cyber threats. eBrand Services can review your procedures to determine if they are relevant to today’s threats.

Five Possible Starting Points with eBrand Services


It’s too easy to let the management of your brand presence (Domain Name) get lost in your overall business strategy. eBrand Services strongly encourages clients to perform an audit of their brand management procedures.

This is the necessary first step to identifying vulnerabilities and opportunities for your brand. eBrand Services will work with you to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your brand.


Being in control and being able to react quickly to capture market opportunities are two of the winning traits of companies who successfully build their businesses internationally. A brand management strategy that is diffuse risks duplication of effort or worse, dropping the ball. This can happen when tasks for a single project are parceled out across the company to different departments or outsourced to multiple entities. It is not cost-effective or time-efficient.

Choosing one provider to take care of your brands makes it possible to save costs and reduce risks. Our clients trust eBrand Services to execute their management strategy. This means one supplier with a full strategic overview looking after the complete spectrum of your needs.


At ebrand services we work on the basis of an 80/20 principle concerning domain registrations. This means that we advise our clients to focus on costs vs effect.

After rolling out your brand via the Internet, keeping an eye on developments is vital for quick reaction to events that could damage your brand. Social networking via the Internet has the power to help float a company to the top when clients are loyal or bring a company to its knees when clients are disgruntled. eBrand Services has specialized e-tools to monitor threats to your brand assets.


A common vulnerability is a registrar failing to properly renew your Domain Name (DN) registration. If the registrar fails to renew your registration, you risk losing the domain and possibly becoming the victim of a malicious takeover that can harm your brand and company. ICANN strongly recommends rigorous renewal procedures to safeguard against cybercrime. This common vulnerability has an easy solution but too often procedures are not followed in the day to day operation of your business. Why should you have to monitor your registrar ? eBrand Services would make systematic DN registration renewal a priority.


In the fast and sometimes unforeseen evolution of the Internet, there might be other countries where your company could fill a market niche. But restrictions in another country or hijacking of your domain names prevent you from successfully positioning your brand there. We will look at the most cost efficient and effective way to recover your rightful presence in such markets.

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