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Risk Management Strategy

Protection VS Recovery 

In the not too distant past, a company just starting up would go through the process of creating a name and registering a trademark to launch and market its business enterprise. Acquiring an internet address came next, though often as an afterthought. The company would struggle to find a domain name (DN) that matched the brand name. The next step would be to register and periodically update the DN account information. There seemed to be no other considerations. The DN was secured and the company went live on the web. Unfortunately, many companies failed to anticipate threats posed by cyber criminals and neglected to protect their brand capital with a robust domain name management strategy.

Without a rigorous domain name management strategy and without cutting-edge technology to thwart cyber attacks, a company places itself at risk. Loss of revenue, a damaged reputation and security compromises (for the business and the customer) are three of the most severe consequences.

New communication technologies bring new marketing opportunities—and new threats. The internet has pushed the market place into a global arena. The innovations altering the landscape of business and marketing (such mobile internet and social networking) are at the same time ushering in vulnerabilities. Multinational corporations are forced into registering hundreds of DNs to prevent interruption of business and brand dilution. Cyber squatters have registered hundreds and thousands of DNs with the malicious intent of “domain hijacking” or strong-arming a company into buying at an exorbitant price brand-linked domain names. Internet traffic on a company’s website is at risk of being redirected to a malicious site. Worse, the cyber criminal can solicit private customer information under the pretense of being the authentic website. Prospective consumers are using the internet not only to shop for products and services, but to assess the brand promise. Brand dilution happens when customers are redirected to malicious sites seeking to damage the company’s reputation. It may take just one mistyped letter when entering an internet address to be redirected to a bogus site.

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