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Portfolio Management

We work to give you ONE

Managing a Domain Name portfolio is often an overwhelming and complex task. The difficulty depends on several factors: years your business has been in operation; people involved historically; and company expansion over time. It is like the American baseball game. The team up to bat has to know who is on all bases at all times to score a homerun.

At eBrandServices, we specialize in transferring portfolios from external providers to form a coherent and organized portfolio.


Risk Management Strategy

Protection VS Recovery

In the not too distant past, a company just starting up would go through the process of creating a name and registering a trademark to launch and market its business enterprise. Acquiring an Internet address came next, though often as an afterthought. The company would scramble to find a domain name (DN) that matched the brand name. The next step would be to register and periodically update the DN account information. There seemed to be no other considerations. The DN was secured and the company went live on the web...


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21 February 2014

Major support to .london, more than 200.000 are planning to sign up for this new gTLD

A 25% of the companies surveyed have said they were likely to register a .london domain name. The amount of companies that are planning to sign up for a domain name under this extension is more than 200.000

30 January 2014

ICANN Passess 100 Delegations for New gTLDs This week ICANN announced they have passed the 100 mark for new gTLDs to be delegated. The move to being delegated is one of the final steps before the Registries that control the gTLDs may begin accepting registrations. In total, as of 21 January there were 107 gTLDs delegated.

In the past couple of weeks the first brand was delegated with the Australian university Monash having its gTLD delegated. And one of the pioneers of the new gTLD programme, those behind the application for .berlin became the second city gTLD to be delegated behind .wien (Vienna).

13 January 2014

Latest .AT Report Outlines Policy Differences Between ccTLDs and gTLDs

With new gTLDs coming online early in 2014 one question many will be wondering is what will differentiate these new gTLDs to existing country code TLDs?

That issue was addressed in the latest .at report from the Austrian registry, The report notes the big differences will be in policies such as “who exactly is allowed to register a domain and under what conditions? And what kinds of restrictions are in place?”